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About Us

We are a passionate team of foodies comprised of both old(er) and young(er) members. Our many years of experience and international success in the fine food industry couples with the enthusiasm and technological expertise of our younger members to provide you with the consulting you need.

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International Sales

Our Services

Food & Drink Consultancy


We advise food and beverage companies on all aspects related to international sales and marketing

  1. Setting up international distribution networks with leading specialty food importers-distributors in every country, including Greece

  2. Branding, brand strategy, brand-product design, creating successful marketing and promotion campaigns in international markets with limited budgets

  3. Innovation - New product development, product line optimazation

  4. Social Media Campaigns, managing bloggers and influencers

Special Services

We also offer special services for UK companies in view of Brexit, acting as their FBO, Food Business Operator

  1. Food Business Operator, EU. Starting on the 1st of January all UK exporters of packaged products into the EU must show a Food Business Operator (FBO) address on all packaging. This is simply an address in the EU  to which people could post mail. We are effectively becoming your EU Agent address (FBO) for an annual fee of €500


Why Choose Us

Proven Track Record 

International Networks & Contacts

Innovative & Out of the Box Thinking

Passion for Good Food 

Wealth of Experience 

Great Understanding of the Digital World 

Aris Kefalogiannis - Strategy 

Aris Kefalogiannis is a seasoned executive, entrepreneur, and innovator in the international fine foods world. 25 years of experience, as head of Gaea, the most successful Greek olive oil, olives, and specialty food products brand internationally. As CEO of Gaea, he established specialty food import & distribution subsidiaries in the USA and Russia with local partners. Led Gaea to become the 1st Greek company ever to win the Import/Export category in 2013 at the European Business Awards, sponsored by UKtdi & RSM.

Nikitas Kefalogiannis - Marketing 

Nikitas Kefalogiannis, is studying Marketing Management at Lancaster University, one of the most renowned business schools in the UK, with past experience in MSCOMM communications and Gaea. During his time at MSCOMM, he worked on and advised on two major campaigns. One being the "For Her" campaign by Roche pharmaceuticals and the 10-year anniversary campaign for MSD pharmaceutical. Additionally, he created monthly reports for Merck & Co and press releases for Enel Green Power. 

Elena Kefalogianni - Creative

Elena Kefalogianni majored in creative writing and political science at Emory University, the no. 1 program in the US for writers. She is currently completing her master's degree in journalism at Georgetown University as an Onassis Foundation scholar. She is also managing the social media accounts of a small US grocery chain, a UK snack company, and working as an occasional freelancer for CNN Greece. She has previous experience managing the social media of a US cosmetic product line, MAKE  and Gaea, the Greek product line. 

Marianna Pavlioglou - Sales

Marianna Pavlioglou has 20 years of experience in B2B and B2C sales in the Greek market. She started working for a small retail shop in the center of Athens, selling paper and storage products. The shop operated for over 100 years earning its reputation as a historic place. Marianna then transitioned into working in sales for the food industry; she also assisted with packaging.